The Glory and the Blasphemy
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The Glory and the Blasphemy

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Written by Lynn Headrick

A study of some of the significant historical events from the Pentecost of Acts 2 until the year of our Lord 1993. Thirteen lessons on:

• The Church Described in the New Testament

• The Church: Internal and External Problems

• Changes in Church Government to AD 454

• The Authority of Church Councils Over Scripture

• Additional Departures from the New Testament to AD 1275

• The Peak of Papal Power

• Significant Events Before the Reformation

• The Reformation under Martin Luther (1483-1546)

• Prominent Reformers: Zwingli, Henry VIII, and Calvin

• The Counter Reformation

• Prominent Churches Originating After AD 1600

• "If Anyone Speaks, Let Him Speak as the Oracles of God"

• "Content Earnestly for the Faith"


6x9 inches. 105 pages

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